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Mentalist and
Comedy Hypnotist

My name is Alexa Young

My first question is always "What's your desired outcome?". It is amazing what all can be accomplished or created at a gathering of people. Mentalism and Hypnotism have so many aspects for the group to explore. I design the show for you to fit your needs.



I have been doing hypnosis as a certified practitioner since 1994. I have utilized these advanced communications skills with many individuals and groups within organizations generate novel ideas and solutions to problems. I also created a very successful Sleep product called Speed Sleep and another one for Golfers called Thought Free Golf. Together they generated over a million dollars in sales. But, after many years of people telling me that they mostly want me to make people run around clucking like chickens and bark like dogs, I finally gave in.

In 2017 I began to study the fine art form of Comedy Stage Hypnosis. I have been a public speaker for many years speaking to any size groups a motivational speaker but I knew this was a whole new level. I travelled to Las Vegas and began mentoring under some of the best in stage hypnotists in the world. I must give credit to Alan Sands, The Sandman for his open and willing mentorship. He put me on the road, travelling to state fairs and performing for groups multiple times daily. Some of the most challenging situations you could imagine. I not only survived, I loved it.


Over time, I developed a family friendly Comedy Stage Hypnosis show that introduces the audience to hypnosis and helps them to understand more about the power of the mind. I allow anyone to volunteer and come on stage to experience hypnosis. The volunteers truly become the “Stars of the Show”. This fun and entertaining event is perfect for an evening celebration of any type, holiday party, national sales meeting, high school graduation, or even a conference. I delivered this show as the opening keynote to the International Creativity Conference in Pretoria, South Africa in 2022 to an audience of 350 people.


Insightful, fun and entertaining… it’s an event you will want to book and invite all of your friends to come and attend. You never know, you yourself might just volunteer to be in the show!!

Comedy Hypnosis Show

Comedy Hypnosis Show
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South Africa Hypnosis Show

South Africa Hypnosis Show

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Fun for all ages. Public event or private event.

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