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A mentalist, to ordinary people, is a performer who appears to have supernatural powers. However, what they actually have is a combination of skills which allows them to manifest abilities which seem literally out of this world in terms of possibility.

The reality is, a mentalist is a skilled performer who can perform tricks which demonstrate extraordinary mental powers.

Their demonstrations range in people's belief in them being possible. For example possible but challenging might be memorizing everyone's name in a room or a list of 50 numbers in order. Less believeable might be the ability to force someone to make a predetermined choice like a chosen card from a deck or to predict a number thought of by someone. Moving into the field of impossibility are demonstrations of mental telepathy or telekinesis with demonstrations ofthe bending of spoons or moving objects with the mind. 

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When, where and how to use a Mentalist.



Frank spent 20 years training and developing sales and marketing teams in the fine art of creative problem solving for clients. He understands what drives results. His Mentalist work goes far behind just coming in and "Putting on an entertaining show". One on one, small groups, table groups, parlor settings, dinner parties - all are perfect for opening the mindset of individuals to that they can accomplish the impossible. Frank can perform at corporate get-togethers, office parties, trade shows, client outings and national sales meetings. These "performances" leave the individuals and the audiences engaged, thrilled, and excited.

In some instances, the performances at corporate events can go well beyond mere entertainment. Besides dazzling corporate audiences with mind reading antics,

Frank can actually help companies to captivate people’s minds. He can use his psychological techniques to instill certain information into people’s minds. For instance, he can impart phrases into the minds of clients and prospects, which can influence them for the benefit of the company. If given additional time with sales, he can teach them the skills to do the same.

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