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My entrepreneurial spirit truly began when I left PepsiCo and Frito Lay back in 1988. I created a consulting business that allowed me to work with many different organizations. I have served as an external consultant yet internally my relationships have been with top management where I was able to join the team in an effort to drive results for the organization. From Board rooms to third shift work groups, I became a member of the team. All the while I was fueling my entrepreneurial spirit in the creation of many other businesses as an owner  or business partner. I have enjoyed the creation of new products that transform from ideas to inventions and then on to innovations. My LinkedIn profile does a good job of documenting my business history and the companies I have worked with. Here below are a few of the "New" entrepreneurial ventures I am busy with.

My Current Journey

I have now spent over 30 years working independently using hypnosis to tap into the minds of business people focusing them on innovation, creativity and profitability. Lately, I have been focused on the idea of replacing traditional “Brainstorming” in organizations with what I call “Hypnovation”. This process utilizes the power of hypnosis with business groups to generate new inventions and solutions to problems that will drive the success of the business. Along the way I have created some very successful hypnosis products. My hypnosis audio series, “Speed Sleep” and “Speed Sleep II” sold over 300,000 downloads and helps individuals improve their creativity, problem solving skills, sleep quality and gain healthy eating habits. I also spent three years with Golf Magazine researching the mental side of golf and developed a hypnosis training program titled “Thought Free Golf”. I currently serve on the board of directors for the Creative Education Foundation. For the last 6 years I have attended Hypnothoughts. I have been a speaker there the last 4 years. The connections made at Hypnothoughts led me to focus on the power of stage hypnosis and mentalism.



This has driven my Hypnovation sessions to a whole new level. I have now created an a weekend retreat teaching Hypnotists how to make money with businesses by using Hypnovation as their process. I still teach the process to hypnotists but as of late I am focusing on the Comedy Hypnosis Shows and of even more interest is the creation of my Mentalist Show. I am developing my Mentalist Show for a breadth of audiences which range from family gatherings to cruise ships. Also, for generating business through sales and marketing teams in the corporate world.

My comedy hypnosis show, TheComedyHypnosisShow.FUN is great fun for me to do and for an audience to attend. It is a family friendly show that introduces the audience to Hypnosis, how it works, the misconceptions and even how to use it to become more creative. Check out the details on the website.

My Mentalist show, has key elements yet is always specifically designed for each client or group. I focus on what I consider to be the "Field of Possibility". My demonstrations range in people's belief in them being possible for me to do. For example possible but challenging might be memorizing everyone's name in a room or a list of 50 numbers in order. Less believeable might be the ability to force someone to make a predetermined choice like a chosen card from a deck or to predict a number thought of by someone. Moving into the field of impossibility are demonstrations of mental telepathy or telekinesis with demonstrations of the bending of spoons or moving objects with the mind. 


Hypnosis and Mentalism


In the late 1990's I was connected with Clay Purdy and the breadth of work he had been doing in the advertising world. With over 30 years in the industry, Clay created a firm called Canteen which worked with many Health and Hospital Organizations. Clay brought me in to work with the overall business strategy with the leaders at Rady Children's Hospital which is ranked as one of the top in the nation. Now, in 2022, Clay has formed a new agency targeting the very poor job being done in advertising to the Boomer Generation. I have joined the team as a Strategy Partner continuing to work with leadership teams. Here is a bit about our thinking:


Advertising to boomers is a mega-opportunity and area of specialization. This is the generational marketing void we are filling @ Rascal USA. Of course it all starts with how we talk to this audience.Recognizing that they’re not going to grow old the way their parents did.

When ads are developed for boomers, the work often lacks insight, understanding, is uninspired and outright disrespectful.

Agencies think this age group is not cool enough to be catered to with big, bold, creative ideas.
We believe this is a big marketing miss.

Boomers are a generation that prides itself on youthfulness, vigor and vitality; believes it can have it all, and most definitely doesn’t want to be seen as boring. This is where we come in.

Because if there’s one thing we don’t do @ Rascal USA…

We don’t do boring.

Rascal operates on a client need basis and pulls together insights.





In September of 2021, I was connected with Lily Leedom, the founder of SalteryOne. SalteryOne is a high end Flake Sea Salt manufacturer out of Duxbury Massachusetts. Lily has been obsessed with salt for as long as she can remember. In 2018, she discovered dozens of colorful, flavorful, all natural salts + seasonings at a market in Paris. This launched her on a quest to make the most incredible culinary salt in the world. Lily literally spent years hauling buckets of seawater to her kitchen which resulted in the creation of a flavorful, flaky sea salt that customers loved. She kept seeking ways to make the flake even better. 

The stars aligned when Lily and I met.  My food engineering experience drove innovative research at both Frito Lay and Proctor and Gamble early in my career. It was exciting to dig into my engineering roots. I became as obsessed as Lily and have been determined to create new salt flake. Putting the two together was a fusion of science and creativity that lead to the creation of a new size and quality standard of flake sea salt. Over time, hard-work, diligence and sheer persistence resulted in the creation of an entirely innovative flake I named - "Angel Wings". They are the largest hand made crystals and highest quality flakes of salt in the world. It's an invention that is destined to become a major innovation in the salt marketplace. Once you see Angel Wings, and try Angel Wings, you will understand the revolutionary nature of this invention. Only Saltery has the secret recipe.

The absolute best part is that Lily has leveraged this new flake salt creation by taking it to an entirely new level of flavor and taste. With a larger and more absorptive crystal,  Lily began creating salt infusions with the highest quality ingredients she could find such as truffle, black garlic, spirulina and even edible gold. She was able to create the most delectable, mouthwatering flavor punch.

The company is now off and running in Lily's desired direction and I have retired from the salt mine in 2023. I did enjoy wearing the name badge, "Heisenberg" of the Salt Industry as the size of flake, level of high quality and purity of salt has never been done before.  I am thrilled to have created a new product innovation in an industry as old as SALT!! My own private patent.



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